Danno O'Shea

Living in Canada but working mostly in the USA and Europe, Danno O'Shea finds work as a fulltime drummer, music composer/contractor, clinician and teacher. He has toured the better of thirty states in the U.S.A. as well as extensive tours of Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France and Luxembourg. He has played from coast to coast in his home country of Canada as well. He is rapidly solidifying his status as a musical journeyman. O'Shea maintains a fulltime schedule of house gigs, sessions, teaching and recording compositions. Having studied at Humber College, O'Shea enjoys the classroom but still feels like the stage is his home. Performing monthly with up to 10 different artists, Living outside Niagara on the Lake, he likes black coffee, talk radio and Sunday football.


"The only drummer who gets it done on time."

-M. Mernagh-NOW Magazine

"Danno is the drummer that I see and hear everywhere. He's ubiquitous, and that's a good thing because he's a great player and a heck of a nice guy."

-Michael Filer-Editor-Canadian Musician magazine

"Danno is always my go-to guy when I need a drummer for gigs or studio. I am always confident in his ability to deliver unbelievable grooves no matter what the style or genre of music is! His easygoing disposition and high level of professionalism always makes him a pleasure to work with."

-Aimee Page (Country Singer)

"You're a bad mutha-drummer."

-D. J. Jones-James Brown former guitarist

"I once saw Danno play Seasons in the Abyss with just a tire from a '95 Toyota Tercel, half of a cracked cymbal attached to his bass players head and 2 frisbees for a kit...after that we pretty much stopped writing songs with drum parts-he's THAT good."

-Matt Wells-Much Music vj, rock journalist and singer of Bucket Truck



289 Glendale Ave. St.Catharines




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