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Instrumental and Vocal lesson 

Age & Skill


Private lessons can start as young as 4, depending upon the instrument. We welcome all ages and levels, from young beginners through aspiring professionals, from children learning a new skill to adult recreational players.


Lesson Time

Private lesson times are scheduled at the registration from half hour to one hour in duration on a weekly basis based on the students age and level. 

Performance Opportunity

All students are provided several public performance opportunities throughout the year. These free community events provide students with a chance to perform live on stage for family and friends. QNMA also holds a recital every June to showcase the achievements of our students. (We are also hosting online recitals during pandemic.)

Lesson Term

First Semester: September 7th 2020 - January 31st 2021

Second Semester: February 1st 2021 - June 26th 2021

Summer Term: July - August

(Check 'Important dates' in the menu for holidays)

Students can enrol anytime during the year and are committed to a term at a time to progress effectively through levels and become proficient with their learning. New student is welcome to purchase one lesson to experience the instrument, teacher and see if they would like to continue for the full term.

Lesson Type and Price

  * All lesson fees are tax exempt and have no registration fee.

     Some instructors and classes may have different rates. Please inquire for pricing. 

Weekly Private Lesson (one on one)

This is the most effective way to take your music playing to the next level, learn a new instrument or begin learning music for the first time. Students come every week at the same time. For Families with multiple children, it is possible to schedule lesson times so that they can come at the same time with different teachers! (Save 5% on each additional family member or instrument)




Semi Private Lesson (you and your family or friend)

This gives you the benefit of private class attention while keeping the cost down. This format appeals to students who want to learn together. Popular music experience for parent and child, couples or friends.


one hour weekly class

$30 per student

Single Private lessons

This is for students who are not able to commit to a regularly scheduled lesson time, but want occasional guidance from a teacher. Single lessons are prorated at the rate of $25 per 30mins. 

Piano Keys



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