Marcela Lagunas Burgos

Marcela Lagunas is a Mexican cellist educated in the Music Faculty of Veracruz University. Marcela studied Violoncello with Anna Maklackiewicz and David Nassidze and she was master-class student of world-wide acknowledged cellists such as Wolfgang Laufer, Richard Luvi, David Ying and Sadao Harada. By a scholarship for youth musicians, granted in 1998 from the Government of Veracruz, Marcela Lagunas was part of a concert series program for a year. For twenty years Marcela Lagunas has developed an intense career as chamber musician with performances in Mexico, U.S.A, France and Canada, e.g. the International Chamber Music Festival of San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato Mexico, in four editions (from 1997 to 2000); Regional Conservatory of Nize, France (2009); Blackerby Hall in Austin, TX (2012); Queretaro Regional Museum (2013); Miguel Aleman Library in Mexico City (2015); Niagara On the Lake, Canada (2016) and Niagara Falls, Canada (2017). Marcela Lagunas is also an experienced symphonic musician and soloist, performed in several ensembles in Mexico such as the Queretaro Philharmonic Orchestra (as soloist) in 2002; Youth Symphonic Orchestra of Xalapa (principal cellist, conducted by the legendary Maestro Luis Herrera de la Fuente), 1998-2000; Xalapa Symphonic Orchestra, 1995-2000; Queretaro Symphonic Orchestra, 2002-5; Acapulco Philharmonic Orchestra, 2005-7; Puebla Symphonic Orchestra, 2007-17; and National Philharmonic Ensemble in the National Institute for the Beauty Arts in Mexico City, 2012.