Lesson Links & Optimize Zoom audio settings for music lessons (Desktop & Ipad)

Updated: Jan 10

All zoom meeting's password: qnma

Lesson link will be the same for every lesson. Please save it on the device for your convenience.

Lesson links:



Meeting ID: 851 5298 8745



Meeting ID: 334 331 717



Meeting ID: 810 0824 6425



Meeting ID: 951 369 585



Meeting ID: 831 0855 4550



Meeting ID: 413 946 440



Meeting ID: 392 503 082



Meeting ID: 704 518 025



Meeting ID: 980 4163 8002

Zoom works well for online music lessons but you need the right audio settings. Please double check the followings before every lesson to ensure you receive the best audio quality.


1. Check that Zoom is updated to the latest version:

1) Click on your profile picture

2) Select Check for Updates

3) A message will show you that you either are up to date, or that there is an update available.

2. Adjust audio settings:

1) Click on your profile picture(right top corner) and choose "Settings" from the drop-down menu.

2) Next, click on Audio in the menu on the left:

- Make sure “automatically adjust microphone volume” is NOT selected.

- Set “Suppress background noise” to LOW.

- Select “show in-meeting option to enable original sound” and select “High fidelity music mode”. Don’t enable echo cancellation or stereo sound. *

- Check “High-Fidelity music mode” and "Stereo Audio". **

*note: the Disable echo cancellation option works best with headphones and a decent quality microphone

**note: the “High-Fidelity music mode” and “Stereo Audio” mode increase CPU utilization and consumes greater network bandwidth so it will not suit everyone.

3. Go back to the main screen and make sure “original sound”(top left corner) is ON.

If you can’t see any of these options try maximizing the zoom window.

That’s it. Zoom should now be ready for your music lessons!


1. Install or update the app.

Go to the App Store on your iPad to set up Zoom initially. If you already have Zoom installed, you can’t update it from inside the app. You need to go to the App Store, find Zoom in the list of your installed apps, and see if it is flagged as needing an update. If so, with one touch, it will be updated to the latest version.

2. Access the Audio Settings.

Run the Zoom app. In the Home screen, touch the Settings gear icon in the bottom left corner.

Select the Meetings category from the Settings box.

3. Adjust the Audio Settings.

Here in the Meeting Settings is the toggle to Use Original Audio. “This will allow you to enable or disable original sound in a meeting.” You should toggle this ON before you start a meeting.

Turn on “Original Sound” in-meeting.

When you’re in a live meeting, tap the screen to view the control icons. Touch the three dots that represent “More” options.

The third item in the More box is “Enable Original Sound.” Touch this to turn on Original Sound during the meeting.

As you can see if you compare the iPad app settings with desktop version, there are a lot fewer sound-control options. That is why we recommend and encourage all students to use a desktop or laptop computer for online lessons.

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