Trumpet & Guitar Instructor

Gerald holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours Music degree(BA, 2016) from Brock University. His love of music began at the age of 12 when he first heard the amazing guitar work from Angus Young of AC/DC. Soon after that he started taking lessons on the guitar. He started learning the trumpet in high school in his high school music class. Gerald has an appreciation for all genres of music(Classical, Jazz, Rock). His biggest musical influences include Beethoven, David Gilmour, John Petrucci, Miles Davis, and Frank Zappa to name a few. Through his studies at Brock University he gained experience in a number of ensembles including the Brock University Wind Ensemble(2013-present), Niagara Youth Orchestra(2015-2016), and the Music ED Plus Jazz Ensemble(2014-2016). One of Gerald’s biggest passions in teaching music is passing on his love of music to students and hoping they gain a passion for it themselves. He currently plays trumpet as a community member in the Brock University Wind Ensemble.